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One of the most ridiculous concepts that society promotes is that we should always consider “the other side”, that we should always compromise, that the truth is always “in the middle. The problem with this is that it ignores how many stances and opinions are completely not compatible with each…

Okay, let’s try this: If you tell me ” if you don’t do this then you’re an asshole, your existence is a part of the problem” I probably won’t like the way you use your words and probably will ignore the others things you have to say, and if I do what you want me to, it’ll be out of guilt so that I stop feeling like an asshole.
If you tell me: ” if you do this it’ll be a great thing for our cause and our message will be spread for others people to see”.
Really different, right?

Not acknowledge the other side and treat them as the enemy is being close minded, pretty much what you trying to fight against. No one lives isolated, therefore you can’t expect that only one group be a part of a discussion because it’ll only bring one part of the problem, it’ll oversimplify certain solutions cause there’s no enough data of the problem as a general.

It’s understandable that these moviments focus only on those groups, what I don’t agree with it’s people saying that and at the same time say that it’s for everyone when it’s not. You just said yourself. So let’s admit this once and for all.

no one gives a shit if mra’s/the kkk/you agree, that’s the point. “convincing” you isn’t the goal or necessary, only awareness by the oppressed groups themselves is.

first, a question: are you comparing me with the kkk ideology because of my comment? I really just want to know.
second, if feminism (focusing on this one) goal now is only to make the opressed group aware that they’re opressed then feminism is probably more necessary in the other places outside of the western society, since to me opression is lack of legal rights (education,health,security, justice,etc) and oportunities such as job oportunities based on race/gender/sexuality. And i’m not saying that people here don’t need to change in certain aspects, but certainly not more than in others places.

if “convincing” the others groups to help on your cause or teach people that everyone deserves equal rights is not the goal, then why people keep telling others to “check on their privelege”? Or keep posting stuff like that on the internet? People are going see it and give their opinions. Everything needs constructive criticism, even feminism, even the man’s right movement because those two have their good parts but also have their bad parts.

And people change their minds, learn things. A lot comes from personal effort, like becoming more open minded but also have to do with outside stimulations to change. Or else it’ll be more easy to live in a segregational society, so that way it wouldn’t exist discrimination since every group would live in their own space.

this is a real bad post and you should go read a 101 book and/or blog

Could you tell me what’s so bad about it? I apologize if I was offensive at some point (the last paragraph was ironic) and/or if I’m beeing insitent. Anyway, if you don’t want continue this than it’s fine, it was interesting talk to you.

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